Pre-Advanced Japanese (N3)

Intermediate Level N3 gives a vast knowledge of the Japanese language, culture and ethics. At N3, students are well aware of the subject. The Japanese instructor focuses on vocabulary learning, grammar, reading, writing, listening and Kanji. The prime focus at the N3 is to make the student confident and boost their communication skills in the Japanese language. Students will be able to communicate their viewpoints in Japanese smoothly and can express themselves confidently.

Interactive activities to increase fluency in speaking, master classes with Japanese Experts and many more. The classes are helpful to let students practise the Japanese language efficiently. Students have gained vast knowledge of the domain that they are eligible for the JLPT Exam. Learning the Japanese language allows the student to apply for job roles worldwide.

More importantly, proper guidance and discipline are required to develop good speaking and writing skills in Japanese. Therefore, our instructors provide the best learning career guidance for the students. Regular tests and assignments help track student's performance and work along their weaker sections.

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