Advance Japanese (N2)

Advanced Japanese (N2)

Pre-Advanced is suggested for students to have a good command of Japanese. We focus on our students and build themselves to face the world. Students can read, write, listen and communicate in Japanese. Similarly, the students are fully aware of the subject. They learn reading comprehension, language knowledge, and listening comprehension in Japanese.

Meanwhile, students are eligible for the JLPT Exam conducted every year twice in July and December. At N2, the student has a prominent command while speaking or communicating in Japanese. The doors open worldwide to help students prevail over the offers. Learning Languages allows you to get a good job placement in a reputed sector of the world.

Students can confidently communicate in Japanese. Above all, N2 helps brush up the students for practical exposure and helps them grab jobs in reputed organisations. We train students to be self-reliant in learning and speaking Japanese.

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