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Basic Japanese (N5)

N5 is the basic level of Japanese language which starts from the introductory level of Japanese which involves Japanese greetings(Aisatsu)


Intermediate Japanese (N4)

This level includes the grammar part of Japanese which helps in speaking and making sentences, it involves particles.


Pre-Advance Japanese (N3)

At this level students are able to read and understand written materials in Japanese about various emerging topics.


Advance Japanese (N2)

N2 is a pre-advanced level which helps students become more confident while communicating in Japanese Language.


Super Advance Japanese (N1)

This is the last level of Japanese which makes a person an expert in Japanese and he/she can apply in any Japanese firm with a great package.


Conversation classes

The key factor of TLS is the Conversation (Kaiwa) classes which helps the student to become more profound with the language.

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