Basic Japanese (N5)

Basics of Japanese N5 is an introductory level to the Japanese language for the students. N5 is the beginner stage for the students to learn and understand the basics of Japanese. The Basic Level/N5 includes Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji, Vocabulary, etc. In this course, the students get knowledge of Japanese culture, ethics and accents. Therefore, our instructors plan fun activities for the students to learn and understand Japanese. So, we prepare the modules to ease the learning for the students.

Further, we build a class atmosphere suitable for the students' learning. For the betterment of the students, we conduct regular tests to keep a track record of students' progress. Students are given assignments and projects based on what they learn in classes. Instructors motivate students to participate in group activities and presentations. Instructors conduct regular tests to ease the learning process. Our instructors prepare fun and engaging modules which keep the students attentive and responsive during the class.

Therefore, students can understand and learn how to frame sentences and communicate. Learning a new language lets you represent your ideas and thoughts effectively and efficiently. Most importantly, it opens doors to many opportunities across the globe. It enables students to explore global opportunities and communicate properly without any hindrances to other people.

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