Intermediate Japanese (N4)

Elementary Level N4 gives a detailed introduction to the basic concepts one has learned and understood in the N5 Level. At this level, students get a broad perspective on Japanese subjects. It enables students to be fluent in Japanese Speaking. Therefore, students can read and write in Japanese. Subsequently, students will be able to understand Japanese more clearly. Therefore, the instructors focus on improving the vocabulary, Kanji, making them understand the dialect and presenting their viewpoint in discussion. Since it boosts confidence among the students and allows them to explore and expand their opportunities.

Above all, the students must learn and understand every concept taught in the class. Instructors plan the module that is beneficial for the students. Understanding Kanji is crucial while learning Japanese, so our instructor focuses on students who must understand it clearly.

Moreover, the class schedules are creative and effective in letting students engage and interact with each other. N4 gives a boost to the proficiency of the student. The instructors guide and teach the students to understand the subject clearly. They act as a mentor for the students to guide them in securing good marks in the JLPT Exam.

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