6 Best Japanese Language Institutes in Japan

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6 Best Japanese Language Institutes in Japan

One of the main advantages of studying Japanese in Japan is the surroundings.

It’s always best to study a foreign language in its country…

In this way you’ll not only learn the language quickly than others

But also will get knowledge on how to use different dialects and conversations.

Which will help you become fluent like a native within months…

Choosing a Japanese language institute that fits your needs can be a big task especially if you don’t live in japan

As it's not your native country

Because of which, you may not know the fee structure and Japanese courses institutes offer

That’s why in this post, we’ve given 6 Best Japanese language institute in Japan

Along with detailed information..

Like - courses, fee structure, location & the type of Japanese courses 6 of them offer.

And all the information that you may need to find the best one for yourself!

1. Genki Japanese and Culture School

The thing that made Genki Japanese school one of the best in Japan is that - Students from all over the world study Japanese here.

For example - around 90% of the students who study here are from countries like the US, Europe, India & Australia.

Teachers in Genki have done 420 hours of Japanese teacher training courses Which makes them the best And the best part?

Most of the teachers who teach here know some English

So outsiders don’t have any problem understanding the Japanese language.

Their class sizes are so small that each class contains a maximum of 8 students

On usual days it’s no more than 6 students.

However, the classes may contain 9 students during peak season for a short period of time.

Though they offer flexible schedules…

Still, courses start every Monday all year.

This is the basic timing if you want more details you can contact the team through their website.

Course overview


Offline classes and duration -

They have all level courses

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced Japanese learner.

In their core Japanese language course -

They use interesting and modern materials for teaching…

Plus activities to improve the Japanese proficiency of their students.

They also provide small group classes inside as well as outside of the classroom

Which can help you learn important communication skills better.

Timings -

There no time boundation - which means you can schedule your classes as per your needs You’ll have 50 minute grammar classes per week.

Complete beginners can start the courses that they have chosen from the first Monday of any month (or the 1st & 3rd Mondays of June, July & August).

You'll have four classes a day (20 hours a week, 2 classes will focus on grammar and 2 classes will focus on applying the 4 key skills - Speaking, Listening, Writing, and Reading).

They provide online japanese language courses as well

Where you get options of either studying privately or in a group..

Besides all this,

You can join a number of paid and free extracurricular activities.

Online classes -

If you’re more comfortable in online learning,

Then, their online sessions will suit you best.

The focus is mostly on reading, writing, conversation and grammar parts of the language.

The app from which you can take the classes is ZOOM

Also, the students per class is 2 and maximum is 6.

Timings -

You’ll have 2 classes a day, Tuesday and Thursday or Wednesday and Friday, 4 lessons a week.

During public holidays, the schedule may be a little different.

Complete beginners start every 1st and 3rd Tuesday/Wednesday

Course Fee structure?

Online group classes - 6,600 YEN per week

Online private lessons - 5,000 YEN per lesson

General core course - 33,000 YEN per week


They have 4 branches in -

FUKUOKA - a few minutes walk from Hakata station in FUKUOKA city.

TOKYO - near the Shinjuku station

KYOTO - A 20 minutes walk from kyoto station

NAGOYA - it’s located in central meieki area

You can choose to study in any of these places!

2. ARC ACADEMY Japanese Language School

ARC academy has been teaching the Japanese language since 1986.

The students come from all over the world: mostly Asia, but also Western countries, the Middle East, and Africa.

Over 30 countries are represented at ARC Academy right now.

At Arc Academy….

The focus is on providing students with an authentic experience of learning japanese.

The school uses a unique curriculum

That combines traditional classroom learning with real-world experiences.

This approach allows students to gain a deeper understanding of Japanese grammar, pronunciation, and culture.

They teach Japanese grammar from the original book “ Kanji Master”...

Which any countries native can understand easily .

Plus, the intermediate level students get special classes ( listening, reading & writing) throughout the course.

You can also expect to get communication skills training….

For your safe and better career in Japanese. .

Course overview

Their standard study abroad course is an intensive course of 3 months…

Where you’ll get every functional knowledge of the Japanese language.

The course is specially for those who want to learn for a short period of time

like during holidays and work weeks.

Timings -

Starts from January, April, July & October

Classes from - Monday to friday

Duration - 3 months

Course Fee structure?

1 year tuition fee -

360,000 YEN (for 6 months)

720,000 YEN (for 1 year)

720,000 YEN (for 1 year & 3 months)


They have 3 branches -

Tokyo - 2-23-10 Koraku, Bunkyo, Tokyo 112-0004 Japan

Kyoto - 297 Benzaiten-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-0093 Japan (pic)

Shinjuku - 7-18-16 Nishi Shinjuku, Shinjuku, Tokyo Toshin Nishi Shinjuku Bldg, 3F (pic)


3. KCP International

Kcp International is a Japanese language school that can help you learn Japanese in a fun way.

Either you want to study at a Japanese university or want to build a career there…

KCP can help you do that!

They provide interview practice to special tutoring on your language weak spots

And assistance with the rigorous college application process.

It is run by Japanese people and the staff are also Japanese

So, you totally immerse yourself in the language.

They provide both online and offline Japanese language courses

With an intense class of 11 weeks.

Let’s look at the Japanese language courses they offer….

Course overview

They have an online Japanese language course

For those who can’t visit Japan to study the language in KPC.

The teachers mostly use Japanese in the class to help you think in Japanese, not in your native language.

Additionally, they have skilled instructors, some of whom are English speakers.

Each of the KCP semester programs (fall, winter, spring, summer) covers about three months of learning time….

Coinciding roughly with dates for U.S. college semesters.

The longer you stay in KPC…

The more profound your command of Japanese will become.

Timings -

The six-month Spring Extended (winter to spring) and Fall Extended (summer to fall) programs are another plan that you can choose.

The academic year program runs October–June and equals three KCP semesters.

The summer semester program is essentially the semester program: lasting three months,

It is still timed for the academic-year summer of many colleges.


Course Fee structure?

One of the most crucial factors in your decision is the cost of study in Japan.

While other Japanese language programs may cost between $12,000 and $17,000 per semester,

The KCP program costs $7,000 or less—about half the cost!


Address - 1-29-12 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0022

4. Hokkaido Japanese Language School - Learn Japanese in Sapporo

The thing that makes Hokkaido stand out in the crowd of institutes is that -

They organise a lot of events and activities included in their Japanese language courses

Some of the activities are so cool - that you would want to learn Japanese again and again from Hokkaido institute only. Such as -

Outside activities-

  • Mountain climbing
  • Tea picking
  • Cherry blossom viewing
  • Fruit picking
  • Rafting and many more like these.

Social activities-

  • Karaoke
  • Local student city tour
  • Visiting local restaurants
  • Games nights
  • Movies etc..

Food activities-

  • Fresh sushi at the Ichiba Fish Market
  • Delicious locally recommended sweets
  • Farm-made ice cream …etc

Tour activities-

  • Otaru
  • Furano
  • Niseko
  • Asahikawa … etc.

Course overview

They have different courses for each different level with different costs…

Here are a list of courses they provide :

  • Standard Japanese course
  • Standard + private lessons
  • Standard + internship course
  • JLPT preparation course
  • Winter course
  • Spring course
  • Autumn course
  • Summer course

Timings -
The courses start every Monday & Friday

  • The minimum courses period is 1 week
  • Classes are small with maximum 8 students
  • Each lesson is of 50 minutes
  • There’ll be 50 lessons per week

Course Fee structure?

  • Standard Japanese course - 33,000 YEN/ week
  • Standard + private lesson course - 59,400 YEN/ week
  • Standard internship - 2,78,400 YEN/ 6 weeks
  • JlPT preparation course - 1,32,000 YEN/ 4 week
  • Culture course - 41,800 YEN/ week
  • Winter course - 41,800 YEN/ week
  • Spring course - 41,800 YEN/week
  • Summer course - 41,800 YEN/ week
  • Autumn course - 41,800 YEN/ week


Address - 2F Kyoto, Fukutoku Building, Japan


5. Yoshida Institute

The Yoshida Japanese Institute is a great choice for anyone looking to gain an understanding of the Japanese language and culture.

With its friendly staff, excellent teaching methods, and exciting activities,

The Institute provides a unique and rewarding learning experience.

It is sure to provide an educational experience that you will never forget!

They have an excellent learning environment…

With experienced and knowledgeable instructors and a supportive atmosphere.

Their all classes are conducted in Japanese…

Which helps students to gain a deep understanding of the language.

The Institute also offers a range of language and cultural activities,...

By giving students an opportunity to explore the country’s unique culture and customs.

Course overview

They have all level Japanese Language courses from beginner to advanced -

The beginner Japanese course includes -

Hiragana & katakana study aids to help you get started.

They teach with kanji workbooks that help students learn each Japanese pattern effectively. ..

These classes prepare students for the JLPT N5 & N4 test.

For intermediate course -

They use minna no nihongo books,

Plus, you’ll get kanji workbooks and other study materials in the classrooms.

These materials are essential for learning Japanese as a second language

As they provide practice for reading and writing Japanese characters,..

And studying grammar and vocabulary.

They also provide useful comprehension exercises..

Which help to reinforce the concepts learned in class.

Apart from all these benefits you get JLPT training at Yoshida institute to pass the JLPT exam with amazing marks!

Course Fee structure?

The fee is divided into long term and short term course fee -

Long term fee -

II term 6 months fee is - 3,42,000 YEN

Total 3 months fee is - 1,71,000 YEN

Short term fee - 1,74,000 YEN


Address - located at northwestern section of TOKYO


6. Meiji Academy

Meiji academy was first started in 2014 and was found by young and passionate graduates.

Their classes contain only 3-5 students because…

Smaller class sizes mean that the teacher can give each student individualised attention and help.

You'll get feedback quickly and easily

They can identify any areas where the student may be struggling..

Allowing them to provide additional support and resources to help the student succeed.

Their Japanese language courses are always open - so you can study whenever you want!

MOREOVER they are quite flexible with schedules…(What can be better than this for a person with a job?)

The Japanese teachers here have done teacher training programme

Which you must always consider before finalising a Japanese institute in Japan

Course overview

  • You can choose 2 ways to learn online - group & private online courses where you can choose the hours of study.
  • Another is standard Japanese course - where you’ll get 20 Japanese lessons per week

Add modules and lessons -

  • Japanese business manners - 6 lessons per week (max 4 weeks).
  • Traditional culture - 6 lessons per week
  • Pop culture - 6 lessons per week
  • Private lesson - 1 private Japanese lesson

Standard course-

You can take their standard course….

Where you can choose whichever level you want to do (beginner, Intermediate or advanced).

  • The classes will be 5 days a week
  • 20 Japanese lessons per week
  • Classes start at every Monday
  • You can add the above modules and lessons as well!

Course Fee structure?

The fee of the standard course is 30,000 YEN/ week ( you get a discount from the 13th week).


Address- Watanabedori, chuo ward, fukuoka, Japan

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