10 unique tips that'll transform you into a pro Japanese speaker!

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10 unique tips that'll transform you into a pro Japanese speaker!

The Japanese language has a lot of scope,still very few people learn it. Because they feel that it's a bit difficult to be fluent in it.

Which could be true to an extent, because it has chinese characters and kanji, that can take a little more time to master.

But I'll tell you 10 unique tips that'll 10x your Japanese speaking fluency!

If you apply these unique tips into your learning, then I promise that you'll be speaking the language like a native within 6 months

Read them and try to apply each and every tip and you'll see the results yourself!

Our first tip is...

1. Download online Japanese grammar workbook

Whenever you study any subject - whether it is Science, Maths, English or a foreign language

you must have extra books on that subject!

What happens is that sometimes you may have difficulty in understanding topics properly in your offline Japanese language classes

So, these extra books will help you understand those topics deeply

All you have to do is - download Japanese grammar workbooks for the level you are studying (e.g. if you are studying N5), then download N5 Japanese grammar books

You'll find many exercises on each topic Inside these books, by practising you'll get clarity.

Downloading books on the phone is more convenient than buying books as it's a more handy way to learn Japanese anytime & anywhere.

Where to find free books online?

You can download Japanese workbooks from any free apps and websites like; pdf book downloader websites or from free books app.

Such websites and apps have agreements with authors and publishers to make their books available for free.

They also have large libraries of books, so you can find many titles from different genres.

Don't download malicious files, which can harm your device or compromise your personal information. Before downloading, always check the source

Whenever you download files, you should also run an antivirus program to ensure they are safe.

Or if you want to practise for free - you can choose a JLC Japanese language course with which you'll get access to JLC Japanese library,

where all the Japanese grammar books are available which you can borrow without money and improve your Japanese fluency in no time!

How to choose the right book?

Download only those workbooks that at least have exercises for each small or broad topic...

As you practise, you will learn how to use a pattern in the most efficient way.also, you'll be able to understand the concepts better

After practising, you can easily apply those concepts in real-world scenarios.

Choose only those books that have simple language, so that you can grab a topic fast and even understand its complex patterns easily.

2. Subscribe to Japanese websites newsletters

Thanks to the internet, learning has never been easier than it is now!

The web is filled with thousands of free resources which you can take advantage of today...

Just like there are websites that give free tips, tricks and information on english language topics,

You can also subscribe to Japanese language websites that are giving free knowledge on how to master certain topics

Subscribing to these websites can give you access to learning materials such as videos, articles, podcasts, and downloadable audio files

You can also get tips and advice from native speakers on how to improve your understanding and pronunciation.

Additionally, you can benefit from the support of a community of like-minded learners who can help you stay motivated and on track. See, to get ahead of others in anything, you just need to search for ways that they don't know about... And this is one of those ways!

Search on google "free Japanese language learning websites" and you'll get tons of options, subscribe to their newsletter and you're good to go.

3. Watch Japanese series

If you are on N5 level or N3 then we highly recommend you to do this step. Watching series in the foreign language you're learning has many benefits:

  • It builds your vocabularies
  • It improves pronunciation
  • It gives you an idea of where to use which words
  • It gives you an insight to the culture & its history

It can be a great way to practise and improve your language skills. You can switch on titles until you don't need them anymore

Popular Japanese series include 'Naruto', 'One Piece', and 'Dragon Ball Z'.

These series have been popular for decades, with millions of fans around the world.

They have also been adapted into movies, video games, and other forms of media.

4. Read novels and stories in Japanese

Novels give language learners a chance to immerse themselves in the language and learn new words..

Besides learning the language, they'll get to know the culture

Reading novels is a great way to learn a language and expand one's cultural knowledge.

You can read your favourite genre novel in the language, which will enhance your communication, reading and writing skills

Some of the most famous Japanese novels include Haruki Murakami's "Kafka on the Shore" and "1Q84", Natsume Soseki's "Kokoro" and "Botchan", and Junichiro Tanizaki's "The Makioka Sisters".

Or read beginner Japanese stories (if you are a beginner) to get command on basic conversations and patterns

For advanced learners - you can listen to Japanese podcasts on any topic, to improve listening skills as well as understanding skills.

5. Follow Japanese language tutor profiles on instagram

We all use instagram but, how many of us actually use it for our profit? - I guess, only a few!

Learners know that apart from making reels and posting pictures, instagram can be a "Bramhastra" for you if you know how to turn it into one!

For educational purposes - Instagram is a great platform for educators to share resources and engage with their students..

It even allows educators to create visual content and interact with other experts in the field...

Following Japanese Instagram pages is a great way to learn the language...

Many pages post educational content such as grammar tips, Japanese cultural information, and even beginner to advanced vocabulary.

Additionally, engaging with the community by commenting and liking posts can be a fun way to practise.

Here are a few ones that you can follow:

  • @japanesepod101 is one of the most popular and reliable accounts for learning Japanese.
  • @learnjapanese.co is another great resource for those looking to learn the language.
  • @japanese_language_blog is a great source of tips and advice for learners of all levels.

6. Listen and repeat

Listening to native speakers is one of the best ways to learn Japanese like; When you hear a new phrase or sentence, try to repeat it back as accurately as you can...

For eg. 、 if you hear someone saying "彼女はきれいだね"、 you can repeat it back as "彼女はきれいだね"、 focusing on enunciating each word correctly.

(This is similar to a chef learning a new recipe, who tastes and repeats back the instructions to ensure they understand them correctly and then recreate the dish with their own interpretation).

By doing this you'll learn pronunciation and grammatical structures quickly!

7. Talk to a natives through messenger apps

Finding a language exchange partner is one of the most useful way to enhance communication

In this way you'll learn new vocabulary, practice pronunciation, and get feedback on your speaking.

Plus, it's a great way to make a friend and learn more about Japanese culture.

For eg. - a language exchange partner will give you advice on differences between informal and formal language, or explain when you should use a casual or polite word.

43% of the world's population is bilingual, meaning they can fluently speak two languages.

Thus, it's another fun way to make new friends while learning!

8. Immerse yourself in the language

This one is quite common as you might have heard it many times.

Although it's a must do thing!

As it's said - "you learn a language fast if you live in that country for a year".

But since not everyone can afford to live in a foreign country - the cheap way to get a feel of that is to join community groups and such institutions where conversation classes happen.

For example - (Team language institute), which organizes conversation classes every weekend. Conducted by experienced native Japanese teachers

They provide a fun and interactive learning environment, giving students an opportunity to practise their conversation skills

The classes also provide cultural insights into the Japanese language and culture.

9. Use flash cards

Make a set of flashcards with the English on one side and the Japanese version on the other

This is an effective way to memorise the words and phrases because it's easy to look at the English side to jog your memory and then you can check your answer on the Japanese side...

It also helps you to practise your Japanese pronunciation.

10. Listen to Japanese podcast

Podcasts offer a number of advantages that can help you improve your language skills quickly.

With podcasts, you can listen to native speakers of the language you're studying, and get a better understanding of how they use the language in everyday situations.

Additionally, you can practise your listening comprehension in a fun and engaging way, as many podcasts are entertaining and informative

One of the main benefits of listening to podcasts is that you can do it at your own pace

You can pause and rewind as often as you need, and replay the same passages until you understand them...

This way, you are in control of how quickly or slowly you learn the language.

Plus, you can easily download podcasts and listen to them whenever it's convenient for you.

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